Questioning Motives of Local Democrats


We have heard for years that in Laguna Beach one person can create havoc. Is it true that Audrey Prosser, a member of the local Democrats, does not like Mayor Jane Egly and caused the group to refuse endorsing her for election?

Is it true that county Democrats never contacted Bob Whalen, a long-time Democrat and failed to endorse or list him as a candidate for city council? Hard to believe.

I write provocative letters, but as I  stated early in the game, I’m voting for Jane Egly and Verna Rollinger, especially after hearing about Prosser & the Orange County Democrats.

I like our city. I like watching the lifeguards talking to people along the shore and explaining to them the power of our waves and the Junior Guard program is one of the best. I respect the difficult job our fire and police personnel have, dealing with homeless people who are beyond the pale and going on more calls in a day than some Orange County fire houses make in a week. We are lucky to have 60 plus public art installations.Even the metal bus bench in front of the Hotel Laguna amazes visitors and residents alike. Our 25 plus public parks are fabulous and my two favorites include Heisler Park, selected this year by OC Weekly Best of 2012 as the park to take visitors to see. Treasure Island Park is my other favorite.

Verna and Jane have done a great job and we need them for a brighter future.


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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