Respite for Not-Yet-Fledglings



This is a special thank you yo Laguna Beach Animal Services for their quick response and the handling of my bird emergency this morning.


What a wonderful community this is!!


I was in panic early this morning when I found my Doxie and a baby mocking bird staring at each other in the garden. Afraid the dog would hurt the bird, I moved in and got the dog to leave as the bird limped away, trying to fly, with short little wings extended. I thought for sure it was injured. I brought the dog into the house, not knowing what to do or who could help.


Laguna Beach is truly a bird sanctuary. I know now what that sign means!


I picked up the phone and was connected to Animal Services. A cordial interested voice answered my concern and in 20 minutes David Pietarila was knocking at my door. He looked at the frightened bird and confidently told me that three quarters of the phone calls this time of year were for baby birds in the same situation. They get too big for the nest and fall out. They are cared for on the ground by the mother bird until their wings grow and they are able to fly.



Elsa Brizzi, Laguna Beach

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