A Revealing Ratio


While I was pleased to read in Horst Noppenberger’s “Speaker’s Corner” editorial (Feb. 7 edition) that the prime purpose of the proposed canyon artist live-work apartment complex is to provide affordable living to artists, I was puzzled by the ratio of only eight of the 30 units being held to low-income rents.

Since by both state and federal definitions Laguna’s low income = affordable rents in the rest of the country, shouldn’t the ratio be 22 units held to low-income rents rather than a measly eight? Wouldn’t 22 units available at low income rates be more likely to serve the artists and student artists purported to be served by this “artist live-work-create” apartment project?

The ratio of only eight held to low-income rates makes one highly skeptical of purported good intentions to “serve Laguna’s artists.” Let’s change the ratio, team Noppenberger/Dornin/Longi, and you might see more support.

Deborah Laughton, Laguna Beach



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