Ruling Clears Pearson to Vote on Village Entrance


Yesterday, I learned that Laguna residents Verna Rollinger and Jean Raun had made official inquiries regarding my legal ability, as it relates to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, to deliberate and or vote on a proposed Village Entrance project in Laguna Beach. My assumption is that these inquiries are related to my being employed by the non-profit Laguna Playhouse, my current employer until April 30, 2013.

It should be noted that, soon after I began my employment at the Laguna Playhouse (January 2012), I submitted an inquiry to the FPPC through Laguna Beach’s city attorney to determine if there would be any conflict with my position at the Laguna Playhouse as it related to my legal ability to continue my years of work on a Village Entrance project.

The FPPC reviewed the matter and determined that there were no direct financial benefits either to the Playhouse or to me.  Any financial benefits to the Playhouse were termed “indirect” in nature.  Therefore, it was determined that I could continue my work on behalf of the residents of Laguna Beach for a Village Entrance project.


Elizabeth Pearson, Mayor Pro Tem

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