Sawdust Memorial: An Eternal Flame With a Twist

Festival glass artists cooperatively created a glass flame last week to serve as a memorial for exhibitors who have died. Installation of the completed work is planned for Tuesday, Aug. 21, at 10 a.m. near the waterfall.


Photos by Mary Hurlbut


Marcus Thesing “picking” out imperfections from the molten glass early in the process.


Nicole McQuaid ready to use a wet, wooden block to shape the glass, while Loni Chapman and Christopher Jeffries look on.


Gavin Heath heats the now larger glass sphere as Loni Chapman, Christopher Jeffries and Jason spin the pipe to keep it on center.


A cherry wood paddle used to shape the hot glass ignites when it comes in contact.

The glass, now twisted into a two-foot hollow flame, is prepped to separate it from the pipe.


Larry Gill’s glass and metal sculpture, seen here in his Sawdust Festival booth, inspired the memorial project, which will be larger still.

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  1. Dianne F.

    Really enjoy your facebook site. Great job,

  2. Victoria

    Great tribute to the artist who have gone on but are not forgotten.
    Life is short – Art is long

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