Sawdust Visitor Surprised by New Discoveries


I just came from my annual token visit to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach.  I say “token” because I do it in honor of the artists and their effort, but usually do not find anything new and exciting there. 

This year, however, was different. This year there were wonderful new yarn and fiber pieces hanging in the trees! What a surprize! And how fitting for the festival to honor some more local artists by displaying their works. It had me smiling all the way thru the festival, watching for more pieces, looking at the other artists with a new, fresh eye. The weavers, clothing artists, and yes, even the painters and jewelers seemed more appealing after seeing the wonderful way these “Twisted Stitchers” embellished things……trees, posts, and bridges. 

I often tell visitors about how the Sawdust began as a venue for the artists who were not deemed “worthy” of the Festival of Arts. How fitting that they are now including “not-for sale” artists who just want to join the fun. 

I have already invited several friends to join me for a visit to the Sawdust this year, telling them that there is something new, current, and exciting there. I came home and did some research on “yarn bombing” or “fiber graffitti” and it certainly is new and popular.  I went out and bought myself a season pass to the Sawdust.

Sue Lieberman, Dana Point

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