SchoolPower Honored for Outreach Efforts

SchoolPower won the Apple Award for Programs and Outreach at the California Consortium of Education Foundations conference held earlier this month.

SchoolPower was honored for its outreach program, which included the valuable SchoolPower Student Directory, the newsletter mailed to all district families, and the Dodgeball Tournament. “We realized that even though SchoolPower has been around for a long time, people don’t always understand exactly what the organization does for Laguna’s schools,” said SchoolPower vice-president Marcus Skendarian, gratified by the acknowledgement.

SchoolPower has raised millions of dollars since its inception in 1981 to support teacher innovation, academics, the arts, foreign language, athletics and technology in Laguna public schools. For more information see www.lbschoolpower.org or call 949-494-6811.

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