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I am writing to get the word out: there is a new Saturday skate park in Laguna. It is in partnership with Basics of Skateboarding Camp (which provides programs through the City of Costa Mesa and Ladera Ranch) and Laguna’s very own local youth development experts, the Boys & Girls Club.

In direct response to this community’s needs (on several levels) the Club set out last year to raise funds and built a set of ramps that would be challenging for skaters and have the flexibility to be rearranged into new configurations to keep kids interested for the long haul. Chad Shelter of LOST designed and built the first set of ramps (two quarter pipes and a fun box for intermediate/advanced riders) and then Matt Sheridan of Basics of Skateboarding matched the set up with two more quarter pipes, a more transitional fun box for beginners, and a launch ramp… thus creating Laguna’s first official semi-portable skate park.

Both the Club and Basics of Skateboarding provide the oversight of trained experienced adults who provide guidance in terms of skills and character. We feel it is our responsibility to nurture the legacy of the surf and skate culture rooted in Laguna and preserve its combined essence of creativity, camaraderie, and environmental awareness in our community.

With all of the animosity that kids are affronted with in the world around them (including that stemming from the downhill issue), we are doing our part to teach kids from the start that safety, respect, confidence, creativity, and kindness enhance the skating experience. We believe infusing these qualities into the natural flow, connection, freedom, and excitement derived from skateboarding, can benefit our kids, our community, and our future in meaningful ways.

We welcome with open arms community support. Although at this point access is limited to Saturdays, if demand and resources grow, so will the availability. Please help spread the word about this great opportunity for more young people to discover and practice the art of skating at a place they can call their own. For more information, call the Club at 949-494-2535×100.

Pam Estes, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club


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