Share the Road! (Take Two)

Dear Editor,

While I appreciate Mr. Farley Brown’s position in his letter of 1Nov. 19, I

would caution him against broad statements such as, “It just doesn’t resonate with these kids or their parents that there is a very serious potential for injury, paralysis or even worse. Perhaps the fact that not all motorists who run over pedestrians are found to be in violation will resonate?”

As a parent of a downhill skater, I am very aware of the risks and I do everything in my power to ensure my son’s safety. The thing about which I most caution him? Drivers. Speeding drivers. Texting drivers. Distracted drivers. Lost drivers. Angry drivers. Need I go on?

Motorists treat the streets of Laguna as their own personal speedway. I’m curious how many of the people who claim “near misses” were actually driving the stated limit and focused on the roadway.I would also like to see an end to the frenetic wail of, “No one wants to run over a child!”

No kidding. You know what else no one wants? They don’t want to reduce their speed. They don’t want to be late! They don’t want to be inconvenienced. If you really don’t want to “run over a child” then I suggest you slow down.

We are doing our best to have our kids act responsibly but by definition, as kids, they lack mature judgment and it’s up to all of us to not let our pique cause us to act irresponsibly or dangerously with regard to them. Be aware and drive very carefully!

Kristin Fast

Laguna Beach

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