Sharing the Road


I travel all the streets in Laguna Beach by bicycle. To a great extent, I’m car-free in Laguna.

Commuting by bicycle has huge advantages for Laguna residents. It is quiet, great for fitness, allows one to meet the neighbors, contributes nothing to traffic congestion, requires no parking space, and helps restore the sense of community and charm of our village.

Last week Kimberly O’Brien-Young  reminded us (“ ‘True Story’ Author Responds,” Letters, April 22) about harassed skateboarders. Bike riders are also harassed by automobile drivers for no apparent reason but legally occupying a small piece of the road we share. Drivers who cowardly threaten the safety of skateboarders and cyclists know who they are, but skateboarders and cyclists also know who they are. Skateboarders and cyclists have a good description of the vehicle, location, time of day and tags of drivers who harass us. I’ll guarantee renegade drivers a repeat offense will be reported to LBPD, so study the California Vehicle Code and recognize cyclists and pedestrians have a right to the same road you do.

Remember driving your car is a state privilege not an entitlement, so slow down and share the road.

Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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