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I read Sue Huston’s letter (“Welcoming Voices in School Leadership,” Sept. 20), who I do not know but was impressed by her eloquence and rational evaluation of this particular election.

As a 45 year resident who has been actively involved in organizations, projects and school process and blessed with the opportunity to know the hearts and soul of its residents as a nursing supervisor at SCMC, I felt compelled to write.

Growth, positive change, new constructive ideas and hearing the reasonable voices of its citizens can be scary but it should not be as it seems to be in this election for Laguna Beach school board incumbents. Dialogue without negativity should always be the goal of everyone involved in the process.

I have known one candidate personally for many years; she is my neighbor and daughter.

I do not know Dee Perry but have only heard positive and exemplary things about her reason for running.

I know Jan Vickers from years ago as we worked together on projects to benefit our community and I know she also was a substitute teacher.

I do not know Bill Landsiedel so I was very concerned when I read his school blog on his website Sept. 26-28. The posting was extremely negative, divisive, accusatory and suspicious of the two candidates now running for school board. I am happy to report that the site was changed on the 29th.

I do know Tammy’s heart and passion and philosophy of educational opportunity for every child. I have seen her make a huge difference in the lives, mind and souls of the children she has taught and nourished with her experience, love, devotion and respect. She has an uncanny ability to engage, encourage and inspire her students to strive for excellence. She is a born compassionate, ethical leader who values the voices and input of everyone.

A resident who grew up here, she graduated from UCLA and has a master’s degree from Columbia’s  Teachers College. She has taught school in Japan, New York and California. Tammy has been actively involved in PTA, afterschool activities, taught a GATE class for one year and has three children who attend school here. Her one single agenda is “providing the best education available for each child so they may blossom to be the most complete and whole person they were meant to be.”

I am proud to support her.

Ellen Vinograd, Laguna Beach

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