The Spirit Lives


 Last week I went to Brooks Street to check the waves before work. Perla, my wild JRT was with me, and she demanded some beach time. So I rolled up the windows and was dragged to the sand. All went well until I realized that my keys were locked in the van. Coincidently there was a metal hanger on the ground left by a thief or a fellow key forgetter. I secured the wild Perla and got right to work on breaking into my van.


A few passersby commented,  “Oh bummer” and I felt even stupider. Next thing I know this powerful looking obviously a surfer dude kind of takes charge of the situation. After about 10 minutes he tried to call Triple A but his cell phone was dead. Then he borrowed a phone from a very nice lady and 15 minutes later I was back in operation. Laguna has changed over the years, but the local spirit lives on. Thanks, Mike.


Blade Nunez, Laguna Beach

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