Surfing Season Concludes

Laguna’s co-ed surf team, coached by Scott Finn, wrapped up another South Coast League season against Newport Beach, San Clemente and Dana Hills this past week with a loss to Newport Harbor on Thursday, Nov. 10 in Newport. Breakers have surfed competitively since 1987 and are members of the National Scholastic Surfing Association that conducts the state and national competition.


Events for league meets consist of:

Boys Longboard (1 heat each consisting of 6 surfers – 3 from each school);

Boys Shortboard – 4 heats; Bodyboard – 1 heat

Girls Shortboard – 1 heat; Girls Longboard– 1 heat

Scoring for each event is based on first thru sixth place for each heat with six points awarded for first, five for second etc.


Top competitors for Laguna this season has been Dane Zarinelli for the boys and Leah Pakpour for the girls. League finals were held this past week at Trestles.


Top Laguna finishes vs. Newport:

Boys Longboard:             Tobie Grierson – 2nd

Boys Shortboard:             Dane Zarinelli – 2nd , Adam Mejia – 2nd

Bodyboard:                        Harrison Kirkman – 2nd

Girls Shortboard:            Leah Pakpour – 2nd

Girls Longboard:            Leah Pakpour – 2nd






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