Drivers and Skaters Can Co-exist

Editor,   I have only one thing to say to the members of SNAG (you know, the group of folks feverishly working to make skateboarding illegal on any street with a grade greater than 5 percent in Laguna Beach) and that is:  slow down.   If you drive the speed limit you...

Ban Speedboarding on Temple Hills

Editor,   I support the potential ban on speedboarding on Temple Hills Drive. I live on Temple Hills Drive, and have seen on many occasions speed boarders flying down the hill at any time of day or night (even laying on their boards!). They cross back and forth over the...

Ban Speedboarding on Nyes Place

Editor,   As a concerned parent, grandparent, and citizen, this so-called “sport” should be banned on a very dangerous street, Nyes Place. Please pass this along to all our City Council members.   Sheila Jacobs Laguna Beach