Dodgeball Antics Return

  SchoolPower’s popular Dodgeball Tournament returns to the Laguna Beach High School gyms on Thursday, Oct. 10, and registration for prospective teams is underway now through Sept. 27. In the schoolyard classic, champions are named from three divisions: fourth and fifth...

Can’t Dodge the Dodgeball Tournament

Due to popular demand, SchoolPower’s third annual Dodgeball tournament will match up 30 junior division teams to compete Wednesday, Oct. 17, starting at 3:15 p.m. The 24-team adult division tournament will begin at 5:30. Teams comprised of students, teachers, parents, fireman,...

Schoolpower Crowns Dodgeball Champs

The gyms were jumping or should we say, “dodging” last Thursday as SchoolPower hosted its highly anticipated second annual Dodgeball Tournament at Laguna Beach High School.

SchoolPower Honored for Outreach Efforts

SchoolPower won the Apple Award for Programs and Outreach at the California Consortium of Education Foundations conference held earlier this month. SchoolPower was honored for its outreach program, which included the valuable SchoolPower Student Directory, the newsletter mailed...