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Barnicle Returns to Laguna in 'Fallen Angels'

Barnicle Returns to Laguna in ‘Fallen Angels’

By Christopher Trela | NB Indy Andy Barnicle has a “thing” for Noel Coward, but it’s a good thing. Two years ago, Barnicle directed an acclaimed production of Coward’s landmark play “Private Lives” at Laguna Playhouse. It was Barnicle’s swan song that marked the end of a two-decade tenure as artistic director of The Playhouse. […]

'Private Lives' in the Playhouse’s Spotlight

‘Private Lives’ in the Playhouse’s Spotlight

As the Laguna Playhouse celebrates its 90th birthday, it ends the winter season with a classic comedy, Noël Coward’s “Private Lives.” The plot centers on the premise that old love, regardless of how acrimoniously it may have ended, can be re-ignited but not always to the participants’ ultimate satisfaction. The twists and turns surrounding two […]