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Plans Underway for Blue Bell Fundraiser

Plans Underway for Blue Bell Fundraiser

“The Campaign for Blue Bell,” a five-year $500,000 fund raising effort to ensure the long-term future of the Blue Bell Foundation cat sanctuary, plans to kick off their campaign Oct. 12 at Madison Square Garden and Café, 320 N. Coast Hwy. Tickets are $25. “Our challenge today is to make sure we have the modern […]

Experts Named to Tame Laguna's Flooding

Experts Named to Tame Laguna’s Flooding

With $12 million in damages to 184 homes, businesses and structures in Laguna’s canyons and downtown as a result of the 100-year flood event on Dec. 22, the City Council this past Tuesday selected a flood-prevention task force from a well-credentialed pool of applicants.   Before the selection process began, Mayor Toni Iseman requested that […]