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The weekend detritus. Photo courtesy of John Schwartz.

The weekend detritus.
Photo courtesy of John Schwartz.

I am a resident in South Laguna and wanted to forward photos of Table Rock Beach to you.

The vandalism on our beaches (especially the outrageous tagging of the cliffs themselves!!) is out of control and no one seems able to do anything about it. I emailed these to the police as well, and was told the OC Park Ranger has jurisdiction, but they said they “wouldn’t take a report” and that’s where it is now.

At some point it will affect tourism and then the politicians will take notice. We’re only the taxpayers!


John Schwartz, Laguna Beach

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  1. John Krill

    The problem with your complaint is that the cliff sides were already destroyed by you home owners. All the unnecessary steps and landscaping. Does each house need it’s own steps? I doubt it.

  2. Hector Suerte

    If there is a residence on the cliff about the tagging then you should contact that property owner because it is above the mean high tide.

  3. jeff

    Hector, Table rock isn’t private. mean high tide only counts on private beaches, ‘beeches”…. and John Krill, your Utopian concept of no steps or homes is nice in theory, but when someone buys a home, they have the right tp plac e steps upon it… graffiti really isn’t quite the same thing no is it

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