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As I am sure you are aware, the 50th Annual Brooks Street Surfing Classic was held last weekend in great surfing conditions. I am writing to thank the City of Laguna Beach for their continued commitment to this unique and amazing community event.

Started in 1955, the Brook Street Surfing Classic holds a special place in the history of surfing because it is the oldest continually (well almost) run contest in the world. The contest only runs when the surf is great. More importantly, the contest is an important piece of the social fabric of Laguna that makes our community so special. The contest is a hugely positive event attracting locals of all ages to participate and spectate. In my family, we had three generations at the contest. I participated in the contest along with my sons and my brother, and my mom came to watch. Many other families were doing the same thing.

The contest celebrates Laguna’s unique place in the surfing world, our history and our community. It brings together Laguna’s surfing athletes, artists and scholars, memorializes influential surfers we have lost, and reminds us all that it’s the people that make the place.

So thanks to the city, the surfers, the sponsors, and the volunteers who continue to make this event happen every summer when the conditions warrant it.


Chad Nelsen, Laguna Beach

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