Tossing Off the Dust for Design

Participating designers in the Sawdust Festival’s Saturday fashion show, from left, Sue Winner, Olivia Batchelder, Lelia Edhaie, Michelle Holt and Debra Covern.

The Sawdust Art Festival clothing guild will host a fashion show on Wednesday, Aug. 29 at 3 p.m. on the Grill stage.

Eight Sawdust clothing and textiles artists will have the opportunity to feature three fashionable looks each. Sawdust designers featuring their unique outfits on the runway are Olivia Batchelder, Debra Covern, Leila Ehdaie, Michelle Holt, Helen McNamara, Michelle Lance, Sue Winner and Ket Youngstead.

After a 30-year hiatus from hosting fashion shows, a committee of Sawdust clothing designers led by artist Michelle Holt decided to revive the concept and feature items created by this year’s clothing guild.

The festival is open 10-10 daily through Sept. 2 at 935 Laguna Canyon Rd.

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