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Pack a paper in your carry-on and send a high resolution image from your travels to share with us back home. Submit at lbindy.com. Happy trails.

With the Sydney Opera House as the backdrop, from left, Laguna locals Randall and Colleen Kroha and their sons Bryce and Brett visit the third family sibling Scott last month.

Budapest Ed Postal and Colleen McHugh visited Budapest, stopping at one of many magnificent statues at the Budapest Castle in May.

Egypt A local Egyptian visits with Laguna residents Ginny and Bill Halbert, and John Sganga.

Hawaii Local William Shields brought along the Indy while kayaking to the Moka Lua islands off of Kailua beach in Honolulu, Hawaii, last August.

Scotland Joey and Jake Colladay visited Princes St. in Edinburgh, Scotland, on a cold day last spring.

Kayak Patty Truman, center, with daughter Laural Taylor, left, and Carrie Woodburn, on a recent Colorado River kayaking trip.

: Laguna Beach residents, from left, Mark Porterfield, Daisy Arnold and Stan Alexander try out the new Montage Deer Valley using an iPad to reach the Laguna Beach Indy.

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