Tree Battle Continues to Smolder



In response to the editorial by Ms. Christoph (“Tree Time Passes,” Nov. 18),  why go back just to our forefathers and foremothers (they didn’t always know what they were doing if you look at history)? Let’s go back to mother nature and see what she would think about what we have done.  After all each ecological system had a purpose and somehow that balance has been changed – sometimes for the good and sometimes well…. We are so lucky to be able to have such magnificent vistas of the ocean and mountains and you suggest we need them framed by trees.   I can buy pictures already framed.  Give me the drama of seeing the sky change colors and moods unframed.


I think that it would be a wonderful thing for you to do is to make hundreds of copies of your editorial comment and send it to families who have been devastated by fire, death by falling limbs and trees, and firefighters who risk their lives.  Oh yes, give a copy to the OC Fire Authority (Laguna is not a member) and other state agencies and see what their reaction will be, and don’t forget insurance companies.


Interestingly enough the Audubon Society also did an editorial called “Eucalyptus Trees, Nature’s Largest Weed.”  I am afraid that there is too much evidence that points to the negative aspects of these trees.


Please give it up and find something else to attack or support.  There are other fire hazards in this town such as pine trees, pampas grass, arundo grass.  The latter two are spreading into the canyons and this of course is also not a good idea.  Maybe you can get the city to support you on this effort.


Best wishes for a happy holiday.


Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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