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Before you pack up for a Thanksgiving journey, don’t forget to pack an Indy and share your adventures with readers back home. Thanks to all for submitting vacation images and your patience waiting to see them into print.

They Surrendered. Laguna Beach boys led by Dr. Gary Authur, holding the Indy, meet up with locals during a recent surf trip to Cardon, Mexico. Pictured, but not in order, Alex Del Toro, Mark Obrien, Ncholas Ross, Gary Arthur, Jeff Liu, Mike Hardy, Eric Zuziak, David Kravitz, David Rubel, Peter Debonne, Peter Freeman, Ali Tura, Chris Saglin and Steve Rosendale.

Laguna Beach residents Margarita and Dale Martin travel with the Indy to Delphi, Greece, to the Temple of Athena where the Oracles lived and Alexander the Great came to have his fortune read around 200 BC.

Johanna and Gene Felder last month in Beijing, China’s Tiananmen Square. Over 21 days they visited terra cotta warriors, the Great Wall, the misty mountains of Guilin, the Three Gorges Dam, cruised the Yangtze River and more. “The tour guides didn't try to paint any rosy pictures. They know the government is repressive and that it controls their lives. However, their lives are better now than they have ever been and many are very optimistic about their future. I'm very glad we went and saw for ourselves the China of 2011,” Johanna wrote.

Locals Donna Moore and Brenda McGaffigan vacation in Mammoth.

Odin Hansen Flores, an El Morro student, with his mother Gunn Marie Hansen visit the family matriarch in Mandal, Norway. The Hansen family has lived in Mandal for five generations.

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