Warning to Laguna Taxpayers


Don’t sign the petition to add a parcel tax to every property owner in Laguna Beach for the purchase of Open Space.

If you are a renter the tax will be passed on to you and your rent will go up.  If you think the tax will end as they say, then tell me when did a tax once imposed ever go away? Usually never.

When we moved here as working people, we remained silent as taxes were imposed or fees increased for almost everything on the city’s wish list, all good stuff we were sure. But now in our middle 80s with a limited income we must say, “stop tacking fees and taxes to our property for every little cause, just because they sound good to a small segment of the general public.” 

Times have changed.  Maybe you didn’t notice but expenses have risen on everything, water, electricity, gas and property maintenance. They continually increase, year after year, as the city generates new laws and regulations. The government spending goes on and on for items such as employee special retirement benefits.  The Government should stop excessive spending and stay within a limited budget.

Let the owners of the open space property build their homes. Not only will they become taxpayers, but they will be participating citizens buying in our town. A tiny dab more open space will only become a liability, requiring more taxes to care for it. When the city buys open space it  loses the taxes normally paid by private owners, which then must be picked up by the public taxpayers. Don’t forget the cost of the goats to clear the extra open space for fire protection.

With all of the world’s weather disasters and real problems begging for our help, we often part willingly with money to support others.  A bit more vacant land is not one of them.

 If those who started this latest tax initiative drive think it is that important to take our money for their scheme, let them start up a private fund to be paid for by everyone who agrees with them.  And let the rest of us make our own decisions.

 Do not sign the open space initiative.         

 Bob and Beverly Mosier, Laguna Beach

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