Will Non-Car Transit Work?


Popular culture says when traffic conditions become too congested simply add more lanes to the road to relieve congestion. We look to our highway authorities for solutions and they respond in kind. Trouble is building more car infrastructure simply attracts more cars and for a coastal community like Laguna there is no room to add wider roads. Adding more cars begs the question, where you gonna park ’em all?

In a town with little room to accommodate more automobiles, a multi-modal approach would serve us well. For every person walking biking or using public transit (municipal bus, trolleys, OCTA) we remove one person driving a car and free a parking space. But how do we know if a multi-modal system will serve us well? Do we know how many people are already using each mode? Can more people participate in each mode?

These questions and more are answered in a post at Laguna Streets.

Les Miklosy, Laguna Beach

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