Through My Window

Illustration by Lucy Mercer

When people come here and look out this window, they often end up saying something like, “Wow, look at that horizon. What a great view!–except for the trees. . . .” But for me, it is precisely these Eucalyptus trees that make this view so great: the way the light reflects off the trunks and the way it filters through the leaves, it’s never the same. Of course, you know, these “gum” trees they’re not supposed to be here. They were brought from Australia for railroad ties. But apparently that didn’t work out too well, and they spread. And I’m really happy that they’re here . . . so vibrantly American, transplants from another continent just like we were brought here from Sweden, to fill a purpose.


Anders Beckrot, Laguna Beach



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  1. Lagoona

    I like your attitude of contentment! Would that more Laguna folks had your attitude. It would be a happier place with less fretting and bile.

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