An Unlikely ‘No’ to Prop 19

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Fifty-seven percent of Laguna voters voted “no” for Proposition 19, the so-called “legalization of marijuana” initiative. Forty-two percent voted “yes.” Northern California voters, where lots of “pot” is grown, along with voters across the state, turned down the proposition. Why?

Simply stated, voters don’t want government meddling in the long-established production and supply lines, and since it is a “cottage industry,” people want the government to stay out. Along with this desire, people are afraid of big business coming into marijuana production, even though it is California’s largest cash crop.

Farming, preparing and selling “pot” is working quite well without big brother’s interference, and I don’t think any marijuana proposition in the future will win either. The cops got their way, but not for reasons they will ever understand.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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