3,000 Votes for Change



Believe it or not, 2,781 Lagunatics voted for Patrascu. You know something is wrong with city government and the Laguna Beach City Council when almost 3,000 citizens vote for an unknown city council candidate, Mr. Patrascu.

I drove to Pasadena yesterday and saw only three highway patrol and police cars during the whole trip, until I got on Laguna Canyon Road, where, by the time I got back, I saw four Laguna cop cars and meter police everywhere. “King Frank” has used the parking meter personnel and police to raise millions of dollars, including over $3,500 a month for parking on any part of a white line.

Mayor Pearson said in a question and answer session at the Susi Q Senior Center that high city department manager salaries and out-of-sight pensions will eventually bankrupt the city.

City employees are unfriendly, and when you send an e-mail to city council members suggesting there’s a problem, you will usually get an e-mail back telling you why everything is okay. Tell that to the nearly 3,000 residents who think something is wrong.

Roger Carter,

Laguna Beach

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