High School Students Learn Hula


Some student performers from the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts.

Hula instructors Michael Casupang and Lisa Jay from the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts in Honolulu, Oahu, will be teaching four classes/workshops in traditional Hawaiian Hula at Laguna Beach High School that will culminate in a concert to be presented at the Artists Theatre on Friday, Feb. 18.

The instructors will share the history of Hula, the costuming, the steps, the basic foot movements and then actually have the high school students learn a little bit and also do a comparison and contrast to the dance forms that they learn. They will join the students on stage in full costume for the Feb. 18 concert.

Begun in 1988 with 16 students, the hula program at the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts now boasts 90 students. Their mission is to share the traditional and ancient art of Hula with the larger community outside of Hawaii, helping others to understand it as the art of Hawaiian dance expressing all that we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel.

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