A Character’s Absence is Noted

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The silver haired gentleman seen at the chessboard on main beach, occasionally with a pigeon sitting atop of his hat, has returned to his hometown of Lucca, Italy.  Said he was going so see his son in Canada on the way.  Take care, Burt; safe travels.


Duane Allee, Laguna Beach

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  1. Don

    Thanks for sharing this! I see him there almost every day. Do you know anymore about him?

  2. Patrick

    I got to know Burt quite well over the past twenty years. We played countless speed chess games against one another. He was a brilliant chess player who had a wonderful sense of humor. He will certainly be missed by many.

  3. Don

    I run by him on the boardwalk nearly every day. I believe that he claims he played cess with Steven Hawking among others.

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