A Town Like No Other

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I simply had to write. It’s been over 40 years since I was last in Laguna Beach but I’ve just returned from a stay with my sister, who has recently purchased a place there, and I was floored!

Even as development has taken over all around the town of Laguna Beach, somehow the town itself has been saved. It’s a small miracle on the coast of California that your charming village has been spared over-development, neon signs and the ever-present malls, which are so ubiquitous elsewhere.

I had forgotten how incredible the beach and coves are, where I once had my first experience body surfing. The abundance of public parks that overlook the water adds to an already sublime atmosphere. The planted gardens and the myriad of walks by the sea including many pieces of public artwork amazed me.

It’s like no other town that I know of in the states and I’m a travel writer. I’ve recently been to Carmel, Monterrey, La Jolla, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Venice and Newport, which all have very special aspects about them, but Laguna Beach has triumphed over all.

Thank your town fathers and mothers, the planning commission and whoever else has fought to keep the town unharmed and beautiful.


Doni Belau, Brooklyn, NY

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