Agenda Lacks Breadth of its Predecessors



For decades, the city clerk has prepared a tentative agenda for upcoming City Council meetings, listing the items that are tentatively scheduled for council meetings for three or four months in the future. Until recently, the tentative agenda was attached as the last page of the City Council meeting recap and made available on the city’s website. This made it relatively easy for any person to find out what the City Council would be considering in the near future and plan to attend the meeting.

I was shocked to learn that this public service is no longer being provided. The agenda for City Council meetings is printed and made available to the public on the Friday before a Tuesday meeting. This doesn’t give the public much time to research and prepare to comment on a topic of interest.

If the City Council is concerned about transparency, this service should be restored immediately.

Verna Rollinger, Laguna Beach

The author of this letter was the city’s former city clerk.

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