Agree to Disagree Without Invective, Please



It’s a wonderful life, a cliché that most of us who live in Laguna Beach happily subscribe to. It’s on the new Village Laguna sign endorsing its favored city council candidates.

I’ve heard questionable motives/actions attributed to Village Laguna that amaze me. I’m now on my second term as a Village Laguna board member, and I have to say that I’ve never met a more principled group of people in my life. They have values that have nothing to do with their livelihoods and everything to do with their love for Laguna Beach.

Village Laguna works tirelessly for what’s best for our town and has been doing this for years. Without it, our coastline would now be marred by a string of high rises obscuring precious views.

We want to preserve the village atmosphere that makes Laguna so prized by all, which, by the way, corresponds to ensuring future tourism, and hence the viability of our businesses.

We all have a right and even a duty to fight the battles our own values require us to fight, but please, let’s acknowledge that our opponents have their own values, and not demonize them for not agreeing with us on every issue. (And I do address this to all sides!) The less heat generated during these battles, the less paranoia, personal invective, and demonization, the easier it will be to negotiate positive action that will make living in a future Laguna an even more wonderful life.

Rosemary Boyd, Laguna Beach

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