An Unexpected Return to Her Roots

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By Anne Moore, Special to the Independent

Sunny Kim returns to her homeland to exhibit her work in Seoul.
Sunny Kim returns to her homeland to exhibit her work in Seoul.

One never knows where the artistic path will lead. Sometimes it takes you home. Just ask Sunny Kim.

The Laguna Beach artist recently returned to her homeland in Korea to present her expressive contemporary paintings at the Seoul Open Art Fair last month. The six acrylic paintings she exhibited combine Greek letters in bold black strokes with her distinctive splattered and color-washed backgrounds.

Kim’s paintings use the title “Cosmic Dreams” as that is the overarching theme of her artistic exploration. Trying to capture a sense of a vast universe, her paintings give a sense of spatial relationships, tension, movement and celestial patterns in sensitive color fields.

She is a regular exhibitor at Sandstone Gallery, 384-A N Coast Highway, in Laguna Beach.

Kim was influenced by her father, a dentist and an award winning artist. She studied art at Seoul National University and then at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Not just an artist, but an arts’ advocate, too, Kim has recently become a council member of the Orange County Museum of Art.


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