Angered Over Anonymous SNAG Literature

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I was sickened to find my house littered with SNAG trash last week.  I’m assuming that it’s from Alan Bernstein. But I’ll never know because it was unsigned. And by the way, it’s illegal to tape or place letters on private mailboxes and I have filed a complaint with the Postal Inspection Agency. In the mean time, stay off my property!

The letter was ridiculous on so many levels. First, get a life! Second, to claim that “some guy died in LA from skateboarding” without any evidence or names is totally irresponsible. You’re propaganda is as messed up as your mission to kill our skateboarding culture. The only thing worse than your SNAG campaign is the fact that the LBCC is supporting your illegal methods and smear tactics.

It’s pretty obvious that the majority of the LBCC has completely lost touch with the youth in our community. (The only Council members that do understand our side are Jane Egly and Kelly Boyd. I am grateful to them both for protecting our freedoms.)  We are a skateboarding, surfing, diving, outdoor-beach culture and there is nothing like it. It’s what makes living here so special and unique.

I used to be able to go get dinner from the ocean. I used to be able to ride my skateboard wherever I wanted to. I am a longtime local surfer, skateboarder, waterman, and father, who has shared his love of skateboarding with his two children. I taught my kids to ride a skateboard by standing them up between my legs and riding down hills when they were 2-years-old. Needless to say, growing up on a skateboard has taught my kids to have incredible balance and confidence. Both of my kids are great little humans, who are star students, polite, and respectful.  We have 15 different skateboards at our house and my kids and their friends are encouraged to ride and enjoy them all.

My goal is very simple. I want to have the freedom to ride my skateboard down my street whenever I feel like as I have done my entire life. I want my kids to have the same freedoms.

I moved to Laguna Beach in 1973 and I grew up skating down to the beach, to school, to work, or to visit my friends. I never had a problem in over 35 years, and I’ve done it responsibly and without incident.  And now we have people like Alan and SNAG trying to end our skateboarding culture.

If the LBCC really cares about the future of Laguna Beach, then they should be supporting our youth on this issue and kids like Wyatt Gibbs and his LBAG crew. I am proud of the way Wyatt Gibbs and LBAG have conducted themselves with this issue. They are the only ones who have acted responsibly.

Since I don’t know who wrote the letter, if they’re “scared of skateboarders,” maybe they should check out Florida. The roads are flat and I hear the weather is perfect!

Darren Madrigal

Laguna Beach

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