Answering Critics of Tree-Cutting




We have been residents of Bluebird Canyon since the ‘70s and ‘80s.  We are dismayed that there are any

objections regarding removal of the five trees that threaten power lines and homes in Bluebird Canyon.

We have been through three major disasters: the ‘93 wildfire and two major Bluebird Canyon slides.

We have limited options to egress in case of emergencies.

What if disaster does strike once again?  What if we lose our homes and possibly lives because we are unable to egress?


What if the fire department cannot get in because a tree falls across the road during an emergency?

What if another branch or tree falls on someone’s head?  Catastrophe happens.


Some of those who are protesting the loudest do not even live in this box canyon. They stand in front of City Council whining about birds and “atmosphere”.  Reality is we have an overgrown forest.  The subject trees were planted in the ‘20s that have been neglected through lack of maintenance.  These Eucalyptus trees are not indigenous. Their lifespan is limited and coming to an end.


You interlopers have the right to free speech but you have no right to place those of us who live here in harm’s way with irresponsible demands.  As homeowners and taxpayers we are working to improve safety in our neighborhood. It’s called personal responsibility.


The City Council ruled wisely regarding these safety issues and is acting to alleviate the inherent danger we face from these elderly aging behemoths. The Council is heeding the advice  from our fire department.

A branch already fell on Bluebird and hit a woman in the head. The city was sued. Last week it was a fallen

branch blocking access to 20 homes on Anacapa Way.  Common sense dictates preventative action.


Edison did not come up here and inspect on a whim or at the request of one angry neighbor as some have been led to believe. We are grateful to have Edison in the area performing their due diligence.

The Edison Company is obligated by California law to protect the power lines from the dangers of these overgrown trees: Vegetation Management Department: 2010-2011 High Fire Program California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.


As for those of you who do not live in Bluebird, perhaps you should comply with the city’s request and organize disaster planning in your own neighborhoods.

Lastly to those who are protesting tree removal:

rational disagreement is appropriate however going door to door in the neighborhood spreading lies about other neighbors and making hateful personal attacks is not.  Despicable!  Shame on you!


Jean and Ted Keyes, Clara and Guenter Frantz

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