Arch Beach Homes Evacuated Due to Gas Leak


For the second time in four days, Laguna Beach residents were impacted by utility malfunctions, which affected both power and natural gas supplies.

Twelve homes were evacuated Thursday afternoon when a four-inch gas line was ruptured by an excavation crew that inadvertently struck a pipe at 525 Alta Vista Way, according to a spokesperson at Southern California Gas.

The leak brought fire and police crews. Repair specialists from the gas company were still at work making repairs after gas was shut off at the source to stop additional leakage. The area is deemed safe according to the company official, with service expected to resume sometime this evening.

Earlier in the week, quick-thinking by the city’s water quality crew averted a potential sewage spill when a diesel generator blew a hose during a power outage, a city official said Tuesday.

Their actions avoided a spill from the city’s South Orange County Wastewater Authority lift station, hit by a power outage beginning at 2:24 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19, and affecting 714 customers between Thalia St., Temple Terrace, Pearl and Brooks Streets, according to an Edison Company spokesperson.

Edison also indicated that power was ultimately restored to all customers at 4:26 a.m. on Tuesday morning, and the cause of the outage was failed overhead equipment at Thalia Street and Gaviota Drive.


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