Artist Applauds More Professional Scrutiny of Public Art



I read the (March 24) article describing the Laguna Beach Arts Commission’s effort to engage some professionals with experience in art instead of people who I consider neighborhood types who are well meaning but haven’t studied art or design, some may collect art of some sort.

I should mention I am on the Arts Commission mailing list and I applied for a position on the new review team. As for my qualifications, I mentioned my 25 years teaching design and illustration classes and most recently digital imaging at a number of art schools and colleges in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County including LCAD here in town.

Daniella Walsh was correct in her description of the situation. I believe the Arts Commission could reach higher for professionals currently engaged in art, design and architecture.

I do appreciate some things the commission has done to help artists; just one week ago, I attended a very helpful seminar hosted by a marketing and advertising professional, discussing the many helpful ways artists can utilize social media.

I expressed my appreciation to the commissioners and director, and mentioned my willingness to help them with ideas and feedback on the many graphic projects that they promote.


Bill Atkins, Laguna Beach


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