Artist Breaks Through in a New Medium

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By Anne Moore

It is not often that an artist switches to a completely new medium. That is what Laguna artist and resident Marjorie Sanders has done by moving from digitally created, metallic prints to fused glass pieces. After a three-year hiatus, Sanders has returned to Sandstone Gallery Laguna to present her new body of work to the public for the first time. Her show, “The Seihakuji Project,” can be seen now through Sept. 28.

“Makai,” kiln-fused glass, is Marjorie Sanders’ new interest. Photo by Marjorie Sanders
“Makai,” kiln-fused glass, is Marjorie Sanders’ new interest. Photo by Marjorie Sanders

Combining her interests in art and technology, Sanders explored photography and later made the transition to digital illustration printed on metallic paper. Always testing the limits of creativity and technical expertise, she became fascinated with creating images of light infused objects. Eventually she realized that her interest was leading her away from two-dimensional work to a new means of creative expression.

Five years ago Sanders set out on to learn how to make fused glass pieces. Her workshop was cleared out, old equipment sold and two new kilns acquired, along with equipment and machinery for working with glass. She studied with master glass artist Nathan Sandberg to learn the basics of kiln-forming and continues to refine her skills through classes in Santa Fe and Portland and through her personal explorations. Sanders’ interest has found expression in a new graceful three-dimensional form.

Speaking of her new-found passion, Sanders says, “Transitioning to glass was an unlikely choice that seemed inconceivable at the time. The simplest of forms, the nuances of tone, color and texture take my breath away. In designing my pieces, I want to express timeless movement, like rolling surf or drifting snow. I’m happy if people respond to these rhythms in quiet contemplation.”

Sandstone Gallery Laguna is located at 354A N Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, on Historic Gallery Row. Summer hours are daily from noon to 5pm.


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  1. Marjorie Sanders’ work is impressive. Her work is contemplative, zen-like and
    meditative. Pieces you could look at for hours.


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