Author Rebuts Butow’s Opinion of Drum Circle


I am responding to Mr. Butow’s critique of the “Full Moon Drum Circle” via a July 15 email that you all received.

I have participated in the drum circle since 2007. I have rarely missed a month. I have been a resident of Orange County for 25 years and have had an active law practice here the entire time.

Mr. Butow attempts to put the Drum Circle in the same category as commercial vendors in his mission to impose regulatory restrictions on it, because “commercial vendors need to follow the same rules as everyone else”.

Mr. Butow’s premise is false.

The Drum Circle is not a commercial enterprise. No money changes hands. It has no sponsors, organizers, owners or promoters. No tickets are sold. Neither Billy Fried nor anyone else derives any commercial advantage from it. So it’s not at all clear why Mr. Butow believes Mr. Fried’s use of public facilities in his business (if true) is relevant. Or why Mr. Fried “should take responsibility for creating a public nuisance”. Or that the public resources utilized in connection with the Drum Circle benefit a “privately held corporation.”

Mr. Butow is entitled to believe that the Drum Circle is a nuisance. He’s probably in a very small minority. He’s been seen participating in the Drum Circle a number of times in the past. Given that, his opinion is a bit hard to accept.

We Drum Circle participants have been vigilant about making sure that trash is picked up, the fire stays in the fire ring and other rules and regulations are respected. We do not want the authorities to find fault and move to close it down.

The crux of Mr. Butow’s issue with the Drum Circle seems to be the “amount of trash, abuse of resources, ecosystems and the unmitigated fire detritus.”

I don’t know what he’s talking about. It’s a public beach. Its use by participants of the Drum Circle is no different than anyone else’s.

Gerald D. Bloch, Laguna Niguel


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  1. Ari Grayson

    Thank you for your well stated information concerning the “Full Moon Drum Circle.” The drum circle is a wonderful event, free and open to all. It’s precisely the kind of gathering that helps build and maintain a sense of community and collective ownership of our beaches and our city. It is free and open to all the people of Laguna Beach, our neighbors, friends, and visitors. Thankfully neither Mr. Butow’s nor the City’s approval is necessary for use and enjoyment of our precious resources.

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