‘Sunbathers’ Receive a Reprieve

Having stayed out in the sun way too long, the two metal figures at Nita Carmen Park were spared the junkyard and, instead, may be reinvented before taking their places again on the grassy knoll at Wilson Street and St. Ann’s Drive.

Treasurer Remains a Part-time Job

In an unusual airing of a City Hall dispute complete with intimations and key witnesses, the City Council voted 4-1 Tuesday to keep the elected city treasurer’s position part-time instead of full-time.

Pastor BJ Beu Says Adieu

Neighborhood Congregational Church Rev. B.J. Beu said he has resigned following a vote of the congregation asking him to leave.

Gas Trolleys Can Handle the Hills

Despite doubts from some city bus drivers, trolleys will take the hills with ease this summer, city officials maintain.

Whalen to Seek Re-election

Bringing a cultural arts center to the city remains a passion for Bob Whalen, a City Council member who informally announced his bid for re-election at a community event last week.

Summer Parking Rates Jump, Trolleys Hit the ‘Hoods

Every parking meter and public lot in downtown Laguna Beach will increase to $3 an hour, starting June 24, and free summer trolleys will venture uphill to run the city bus routes now serving neighborhoods.

Skate Park Proves Out of Reach

Without an acceptable location for an in-town skate park, skateboarders may soon be shuttled to parks...

Top of World Trail Finally Given Go-Ahead

After years of planning, easements for a designated hiking and mountain-biking trail connecting two hilltop communities was unanimously approved by the City Council Tuesday, officially commencing the trail’s resurrection.

Shortcomings Surface in Parking Analysis

Failing to take into account that Laguna Beach is subject to California Coastal Commission requirements was criticized as a major blunder by consultants hired to solve the beach town’s changing parking demands.

Council Reconsiders Allowing Pot Deliveries

Council members listened to a litany of testimony urging them to reconsider. In response, the council unanimously voted to add a sunset clause to the ordinance, which placed a hold on the local law until a decision was made in Sacramento.

Campaign Contribution Limits Remain Unchanged

With Mayor Steve Dicterow already announcing he will seek re-election in November, people or groups who want to contribute to their favorite candidate did not get the go-ahead from the City Council Tuesday to make larger donations.

City Begins to Tackle Downtown Flooding

the City Council approved the first step Tuesday to increase capacity at a downtown bottleneck renowned for flooding.

Council Vetoes More Gelato

Saying there are enough downtown gelato stores already, the City Council unanimously denied an appeal to bring the frozen Italian confection to a storefront in the vacant movie theater building.

Concerns Heat Up Over Sobriety House Near School

An addiction rehabilitation house near Top of the World Elementary School that recently changed to an all-male facility is causing concern among parents of school children.

Schools Fill in Emotional-Support Gaps

With teen suicides drastically rising and depression affecting 46 percent of all school children, emotional and social support will increasingly be more available to students in the Laguna Beach Unified School District.