Backlash Over Privatizing Bus Routes


This letter was addressed to county Supervisor Pat Bates.

I voted yes for Measure M to provide funds from sales taxes in O.C. for good bus service. I hear you may give the south Orange County bus routes to a private company, and do away with OCTA in south county. Is this true?

The public should also know the OCTA board has signed contracts with “middlemen” to provide bus drivers through so-called drivers services and this has resulted in poor service, driver turnover and some buses never leaving the yards for lack of drivers.

Yes, like the regular drivers supervised directly by OCTA, these drivers from such services are union members but with low starting wages, less benefits, shorter work hours and management problems. Some are quitting or just not showing up and complaints along routes managed by these middlemen are mounting.

Please don’t wreck what has become a reliable bus system propelled by caring, efficient union drivers who under direct OCTA management have an enviable record.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach


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