Ban Speedboarding Everywhere



It was with some astonishment that I read the update on the speedboarding ban sent from SNAG last week. As I was out of town, I could not attend the last meeting. I assumed the Council would act swiftly to enact a law prohibiting this dangerous pastime throughout the City of Laguna Beach. But, as usual, the City government in this town missed the point.

Obviously, it is ridiculous to ban this activity on only some streets, as the people who engage in reckless behavior will naturally go to the next street over. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that anything short of a total ban is a waste of time. Either an activity is dangerous, or it’s not. Either it’s illegal, or it’s not. Why this is even being debated, I can’t fathom!

If I raced down the streets of Laguna Beach in my car at these speeds, I would certainly be stopped and ticketed! The fact that this speedboarding is done with such total disregard for everyone else makes it anti-social behavior. Then, to top it off, the speedboarders could sue the city for their own insane behavior, should they be injured! Please!

Has common sense completely departed from our social conscience? How many other perpetrators of anti-social behaviors will follow along and say, gee, the speedboarders got away with it? For heaven’s sake! Stand up and do your job and make this illegal everywhere. The people have spoken. Do your job!

Patti and Paul Mickelsen, Laguna Beach


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