Ban Speedboarding in Manzanita Area




Help! Somebody is going to be killed if speedboarding continues on our street (Manzanita off La Vista/Skyline and Park).


We have three blind corners, one of which is at the Annneliese School, where congestion involves small children and their parents picking them up and dropping them off at several different times of day. Another is at Laguna Beach High School by the tennis courts and pool access, where the congestion involves kids and adults for every pool-related and tennis-related activity, as well as parking issues. The third is at the corner of Skyline and La Vista, where the speedboarders exit Skyline at amazingly reckless speeds and continue down and around the corners mentioned above.


These corners are so blind that cars traveling at low speeds of five to 10 mph have difficulty adjusting to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.


Every time I hear the screeching of their wheels rounding our corner at God knows what speed, I hold my breath fearing the worst. It hasn’t happened yet, but I swear to you, if they continue their sport along this stretch of road, one of them will become a hood ornament on some unfortunate driver’s car.


Please ban speedboarding before this happens…not after.


Liz Virtue, Laguna Beach

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