Ban Speedboarding in Top of the World




As a resident of Top of the World, I am very concerned about the presence of speedboarders in our neighborhood. On many occasions, I have come around the corner to my street, Zell, after going up the hill on Temple Hills, only to be shocked to find a young person, hidden by the parked cars on the street, flying around the corner heading downhill.


I am very concerned that one day I might not be able to stop in time and might injure that youngster, or worse. It is not safe to be participating in this activity on a steep and well-trafficked street like Temple Hills, and all of the feeder streets, like Zell, even if we drivers are only going 25 miles per hour.


I support a ban on speedboarding in my neighborhood. Thank you for your time and your support.


Jada Robitaille,

Laguna Beach

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