Beckstrand Raises $1 M to Assist Cancer Patients

Ryan O’Neal accepts Farah Fawcett’s Inspiration Award

Beckstrand Cancer Foundation’s gala on Saturday, Oct. 13, celebrated the life of actress, model and mother Farrah Fawcett, who died from anal cancer in 2009. Fawcett’s longtime friend, author and filmmaker Alana Stewart was recognized for her contributions, and Fawcett’s longtime companion Ryan O’Neal accepted the honor.

The black-tie gala was with a Russia theme was hosted by Eva La Rue, the foundation’s national spokesperson and star of “CSI: Miami”, and Beckstrand’s Executive Director Lil Spitzer.

Beckstrand supporters raised more than $1 million. Participants included Mike and Jan Salta, Dave and Holly Wilson, Keith and Mara Murray, Jeff and Holly Miller, Jim and Alexandra Downey, Steve and Michele George, and Andy and Susan Phillips.

Lil Spitzer, Patty Collins

Since 1974, the foundation has been providing patients with support that enables them to remain focused on treatment and recovery.











Eva La Rue, Laguna Beach designer Oday Shakar
Cathie Lawler, Maggie Flornes, Analisa Albert

Photos: Carla Rhea, Tony Lattimore

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  1. I really doubt it’s from a pr company because they are usually really thorough and this seems like something is missing or maybe the article is cut off? Too bad because it looks like a very interesting event and it would have been good to read more about it.


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