Berns Donate to State Park

Tricia and Michael Berns

Tricia and Michael Berns

Laguna philanthropists Michael and Tricia Berns have donated $1 million to Crystal Cove State Park, which will go to create and sustain the Berns Environment Study Loop.

The Loop is a half-mile of mini-field stations where visitors can perform “citizen science” endeavors or learning stations. The donation also goes toward the development of infrastructure such as an amphitheater, fire pit, interactive displays, and a pavilion.

Construction, which began this month, is expected to be completed in October.

The Berns’ proudly call the study loop “our legacy project.”

The $1 million donation is divided, with half of the funds used to build the infrastructure and interactive features of the study loop, and the other $500,000 placed in a charitable fund at the Laguna Beach Community Foundation to help maintain the study loop and support a full-time, on-site educator.

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