Bill and Judy Sinisgalli

Bill and Judy died a year apart from one another; Judy passed Sept. 7, 2011, and Bill on Sept. 19, 2012.

Bill was born on May 13, 1922 in New York; Judy was born Nov. 26, 1933 in Los Angeles.

Both loved each other, their families, friends, and Laguna deeply.

Bill would tell us stories about growing up in New York and being one of the youngest among 11 siblings.  From his Italian immigrant parents making wine in their two-bedroom home to playing in the fire hydrant water on hot summer days.  He joined the marines and helped build planes.  He then drove across the country to Los Angeles, making his way to Laguna Beach.

Judy spent her youth in Laguna Beach, graduating in one of the first classes out of Laguna High.  Judy and her sister, Phoebe Whipple (Interlandi), and their mother Elizabeth Mays Whipple, grew up in the house on Thalia.  Judy eventually purchased the same house years later where she resided and raised her three children, David Chenoweth, Melinda Mentrum, and Tim Chenoweth.

Bill met Judy as he walked past her house while she was gardening.  Their lives together saw much walking the beaches and streets of Laguna.

They came together with their many friends for the various causes of Laguna.

We bid them farewell and know that wherever they are, Bill has a song and a funny story to tell and Judy has an open and loving heart.


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