Blue Angels Cockpit Cam

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The Blue Angels magnanimously invited me to fly with them in their two-seat F/A-18 Hornet, and to put it mildly — it was phenomenal! Invitations for a backseat hop are far and few between, so it was a distinct privilege to be selected for a VIP ride. This type of sortie generates significant media coverage for the Blues, and the list of eager participants is lengthy for these flights, so it was truly an honor to be chosen for the event. It was also sensational to be part of the first air show in over eight years, NAS Lemoore, California.

The team and the entire squadron treated me like gold: from the brief, throughout the flight, and well into the debrief. The men, women, and officers of the Blue Angels all made it extremely enjoyable. Don’t kid yourself though, because 7.5 G’s without a G-suit is not for wimps (no, I didn’t G-LOC). It was a great Navy day.

In addition to media coverage, the Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) Key Influencer Program has been designed to introduce members of the community who help shape attitudes and opinions of young Americans. They may be experts in their field, leaders of youth organizations, public figures, school administrators, etc. Good examples of local community Key Influencers include: university presidents, area organizers of youth athletics, society award winners, coaches, etc.

Perhaps you or someone you know could become a naval aviator — or even someday could go on to become a Blue Angel. Go to or see your Navy Recruiter today!

My deepest appreciation goes out to the US Navy and all of the Blue Angels for making this event happen. These people are truly the epitome of professionals and stalwart patriots.

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