Brides-to-Be Furious Over Art-a-Fair Makeover

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I saw the article about the “art mural” on what was once Tivoli Too! A very romantic, elegant wedding venue. Looks great for a child’s playhouse or circus but many brides (including myself) are extremely mortified and upset.

There are a ton of comments on Facebook regarding the new look. Pictures floating around everywhere and people saying how ugly it looks. If that’s the look you’re going for and you choose to book the venue after knowing what it looks like, that’s great. But when you book a venue and sign a contract under the impression it looks one way and to have them do a complete 180 on you… is not okay.

I have tried contacting the venue twice with no reply. I will be going down there this afternoon to get some answers. From the comments I have read on Facebook, many brides are upset with this and legal action will be taken if needed. We all signed a contract and paid money for a venue that is nothing like what we agreed upon.

We were assured in writing by the managers that everything would be remaining the same. This is a complete shock to most brides-to-be.

It may be something you, as an editor want to look into and report on. That is in no way a proper way to run a business and it has a lot of people extremely upset. Even if just to make buyers aware. All brides with 2018-2019 weddings will have a rude awakening when they see this “artwork.”

Chanelle Deese, Laguna Hills

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